IT Staff Augmentation
A leader among technology staffing agencies in Tristate (DC, Maryland, Virginia). IQLOGG INC has the expertise and IT recruiting chops to help you hire highly skilled technical, developer, help desk, systems, engineering and IT professionals. Or call one of our expert IT recruiters for personalized assistance and customized staffing solutions.

Any need of IT Staffing/ Augmentation, please contact 571.642.3898 / 115.

Our Recruitment Team who possess expertise for more than a decade work with your IT hiring managers. We use our databases, latest tools, and social media in finding and building relationships with top-notch IT professionals.

We leverage the strength of our Social Network and our Applicant tracking system, which alerts our candidates to open positions. Our database is very clean and we always keep it up to date and our processes are streamlined, for most job requirements, we match the right candidate in a matter of hours. We provide On-Demand recruiting solutions to ease the process of recruiting and provide you with the right IT Talent as and when you need them.

The backbone of the IQLOGG Group’s success in filling job openings is a recruiting infrastructure, training and methodology unlike anything in the industry. Our dedicated team of recruiters is taught every aspect of the healthcare industry, systems, applications and organizational structure as well as the project-implementation lifecycle. We have a comprehensive understanding of our industry, so you end up screening only those candidates with the precise skills and experience you need.

Using sophisticated recruiting tools and industry-leading social-media recruiting techniques, we tailor our recruitment and staff-fulfillment services to your unique requirements and culture, while also offering significant savings through competitive pricing.

IQLOGG Inc is uniquely positioned to meet the healthcare IT requirements of your organization. We are focused on fine-tuned approaches that ensure a reduction in the cost of healthcare through flexible staffing models that support effective capacity planning. We pride ourselves on offering cost-effective solutions for healthcare companies to plan, implement and sustain health information technology, including but not limited to.